Video Editor No Crop, Add Music – Tutorial

How to use Video Editor No Crop, Add Music

Follow the easy steps below,

Select the video option on the main screen,

to choose a video clip from the device gallery

Apply the custom trim feature on your video to trim your clip easily,

Swipe the slider to set the start and end point for trimming the clip

then, tap on the trim button from the bottom bar to trim your clip simply1

Click to explore the features

Select the Insta button from the toolbar,

to instantly square your video with a single tap to make dynamic creations


Use the Blur Intensity slider in the bottom,

to calibrate with the blur intensity levels of the square video easily by swiping it

Select the background button from the toolbar,

and set a custom color to your square video by picking up a color from the toolbox

Select the rectangle button from the toolbar,

to rectangle your video easily with a single tap and transform your video in a rectangle shape

Select the fill button from the toolbar,

to convert your video into a fill form smoothly and make your clip memorable forever


Then tap on the accept button,

and continue to the next step for modifying your video clips by adding stickers, text and music clips

Select the music button,

to choose from a collection of pre-installed music clips in the app for your video


To add a custom music clip,

tap on the music button to pick a custom file from your device storage simply

Then, swipe the slider to set a custom delay for the background music in your video,

and you can also calibrate the music and video volume easily by using the slider

Tap on the Stickers button,

to apply multiple stickers to your image from a variety of stickers

Use the sliders with sticker,

to provide a custom time delay for the appearance of the stickers on your video,

swipe the first slider to set time delay in seconds for the start point on your video

and then swipe the second slider to set end time interval of the sticker on the video

Select the text button from the toolbox,

to add multi-line text on the video simply


Use the sliders,

to set the starting point delay on your video using the first slider in seconds for the text appearance

after that, set the end point using the second slider to set the end time of the text appearance

Select the save option from the toolbar,

to save your video instantly on a custom location of your device with a single tap

Select the share button from the bottom toolbar,

to share your creations instantly on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to delight your family and friends



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