Video Blender and Photo Blender Mixer – Tutorial

How to use Video Blender and Photo Blender Mixer

Follow the easy step below,

Select the start button from the main screen to start editing,

First, select the Tap to choose background button,

and pick a background video for blending or collaborating with another video from your device to create a magical blend1

Select the Tap to choose a foreground button, to pick a foreground video or image

To add multiple videos or images at time in the foreground option

Swipe the trim slider,

To set the start and end points for trimming a video clip

Select the Overlay Start time slider, To set a custom time for the video streaming over the currently selected background video

Select the accept button from the top to confirm,

And the app will automatically blend your videos or images with the selected background video

Select the Draw button from the toolbar, to scribble on your image

With the pen tool,

and the select or re-size the pen impression to write on your video clip

Select the eraser tool, to remove any kind of undesirable part of your video clip

Select the blend button from the toolbar,

To apply from a collection of geometric shapes to blend your lovely video with a creative patterns

Select the opacity button,

to calibrate with the blend opacity level of the background and foreground clips

Select the Lighting button from the toolbar,

and adjust the brightness, contrast and saturation levels smoothly

Select the Effects button from the toolbar,

To add effects to your blended video and make stunning combination of multiple clips


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