Quick Uploader (Safe Upload Photos from Camera Roll) – Tutorial

How to use Quick Uploader (Safe Upload Photos from Camera Roll)

Follow the easy step below,

Easy-to-use professional editing tools which allows you to add text, stickers, crop and share your edited images on social networks like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, etc. easily

Click  to discover the app

Choose the option of your choice either from Camera for live cam

1 (7)

Or Gallery option for picking a image from your device gallery

Select the image to crop your particular section with a selective ratio of the image

tap on your ratio to crop your image simply,

and select the clip pic button from the bottom toolbar

1 (4)
Tap on the mannual button from the left toolbar,

and select the blur option to calibrate the blur levels of the images and customize your images easily

1 (1)

Then tap on the filters buttons,

to apply magical filters to your image and make your creations more dynamic and lovable

1 (2)
Select the vignette button,

to apply new vignette effect to make your image more shaded in geometric designs to create amazing memories forever

1 (2)

Tap on the text button,

and swipe the first slider to change the font style of your text in the text strip and choose your favourite font for your image

and use the second slider to change the size of the text simple and easily

Select the border option from the mannual toolbar,

Swipe the first slider,

to control the opacity level of the text strip on the image

Swipe the second slider,

and adjust the orientation of the text strip on the image

Use the third slider,

to increase or decrease the width of the text strip

1 (3)
Tap on the Stickers button,

and use the slider to add emoticons on your image make funny pictures for more delightful pictures

design the entertaining images of your loved ones and make them more funnier and lovely

1 (5)
Select the share button from the bottom,

to upload your image to various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

1 (6)

Adjust Exposure, contrast and brightness controls,

Tap the mannual button,

and select the brightness, contrast or exposure options,

and swipe the slider to increase or decrease the levels of contrast, brightness and exposure smoothly

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