My Contacts Backup – Tutorial

How to use My Contacts Backup

Contacts Backup provides user with the options to Import and Export phone contacts to and from CSV file. It’s simple and convenient way. Most reliable tool to backup your contacts. It reads every single detail of all of your contacts.

Follow the easy steps below,

Start by main page of the app, it provides the import and export option.


Tap on Export button to backup all your contacts from CSV File.

You will see a list of all your contacts, you can choose the contacts of which you want to create backup.

The progress bar shows you the progress of backup process and it is completed, you get the location where it is saved.

It will show a list of already backed up CSV files(if any), you can also choose your file by clicking on search button at bottom right corner.
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Tap on import button to convert your contacts from CSV file as a separate contact.

After selecting CSV file, it will display all the records from CSV file, click on import button to make them as contacts.

Once contacts are imported, you can see new store under "people -> some accounts", after selecting MyList it will show added contacts.


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