Insta Square Size Pic Collage – Tutorial

How to use Insta Square Size Pic Collage – Tutorial,

Built-in all in one picture editor and collage maker for windows phones and tablets to make your images interesting and piece of art with the elegant exposures and magical effects

Follow the easy steps below,

Start by selecting a desired option first, either from Gallery, Collage or Camera,

Tap on the Gallery button, to pick a image from the device gallery and edit in the photo editor

Tap the Collage button, to combine your images in a single frame and collect all your memories and choose your own creative grids to make ideal frames of your loved ones

Select the Camera button, to capture your real time images from your touch device and edit them instantly with professional photo editing tools

Select the background button from the toolbox,

and choose from pack of backgrounds to apply on your image and customize them with solid colors 

2 To add funny stickers and emoticons on your images,

Select the Stickers button from the toolbox,

choose the stickers of your choice and text designs to apply on your images and express your thoughts easily

Tap the collage button from the main screen,

to collaborate your frames and collect your memories at one place with the multi collage editor option for easy and dynamic editing tools by selecting from

  • States Collage
  • Dynamic Collage
  • Free Shape Collage

To make image adjustments on your images like brightness, saturation, contrast and many more

Select the filters option from the toolbox,

and navigate from multiple lighting and image adjustment tools like contrast, saturation, tint, blur, frames, etc. to adjust your images settings using the slider


To apply overlays to your image and make creative designs with your personal images

Select the overlays button,

to apply effects on your images and choose from a variety of overlay designs to apply and

Select the collage editor option and then tap on the free shape collage button,

to create customized collage with unlimited pictures and add multiple backgrounds with solid colors options your images

and pick as much images as you want to add your collage from your gallery and unleash your creativity with the new designs and frames

7 Select the free shape collage option from the collage option,

and tap on the background button to customize background textures or to add a solid color for your collage and you can even add another image using the gallery button provided especially for adding images

To share your creations with family and friends,

Select the Share button from the toolbox,

and share it on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter instantly wherever you go


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