GPS Routes Finder – Tutorial

Introducing to you a new way to navigate and find your favourite destinations on the maps using your windows device to locate restaurants, bus stops, hotels and near by locations with a single tap. Use the directed pathways to get turn by turn directions to reach your destination on time.

Start by selecting the My location option from the main screen and locate yourself instantly on the maps

Please Note: You are needed to turn “ON” your location services and internet connection for easy navigation

Visit and save your locations at a single place and use the view route option to find all of your saved location at one place,

Use the view route option to explore your saved destinations and favourite places instantly on your device


You can also search the nearby places for quick access to the wide range of restaurants, hotels, banks, cafes, gas stations and many more to view and search them easily

Select the desirable option from the multiple categories view of your choice to select


Track yourself instantly wherever you go on the maps with on the go application to mark and save your locations instantly on the maps,

Select the find route option and enter your first location of your choice in the first text box and second text box enter the destination you wish to reach and tap the get directions but to easily navigate through the app


Additional feature includes saving of the route on the device with a custom view option to view your favourite destinations or routes on the maps for easy navigation

Select the save route option from the toolbox to save your route on the live maps and easily navigate through different directions. Inorder to get the turn by turn directions, select the Get directions button to get the point to point directions within the device and reach your destination on time

It shows you correct travel time and distance between your destination with accurate directions


You can also change multiple map styles from Aerial, Road, Terrain and many more to choose your own comfortable map design to navigate with windows device quick and easy

Select the map styles option from the toolbox and to customize the style of your maps with Aerial, Road, Terrain and many more views of your choice. You can also set the visibility of the traffic flow by selecting the Traffic Flow Visible option


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