Month: July 2016

Funimate Musically Video

Make beautiful videos with the unique video editor app for adding slideshow, trimming video clips and attaching background music. Integrated with collaborative video editing options and wide range of tools for improving your video quality.

Pick any video from your device gallery and make sensational short clips which are more pleasant to watch.


  • Add pre-installed music clips for easy attachments
  • Custom music track support with quick gallery access on your windows device
  • New advanced text support with custom time interval for each text
  • Trim and Merge video clips together into multiple videos and make your own merged videos
  • Organize and view your pictures in a creative way with the slideshow maker
  • Set music background on the trimmed video clip
  • Custom slider to set time duration of each slider to make amazing clips
  • Merge video without background music quick and easy
  • Take preview before save and share your videos instantly
  • Slideshow with unlimited pictures attachments

Great tool equipped with a variety of multi-variant features such as trim, slideshow, merge and many more to discover. Built-in features which allows you to quickly make slideshows with unlimited images on your windows device.

Write your thoughts with text attachments to make your videos dynamic and lovable memories. Ideal app for you to use it to create great slideshows using your own photos.

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GPS Routes Finder

Navigate turn-by-turn with your windows phone along with some unique features like live traffic updates, automatic re-routing and a service for quick routes to guide you to your destination. It also has walking and driving directions in case you choose to hoof it.846-468


  • Find Route view to search your current location anytime anywhere
  • Real Time GPS Tracking on the maps
  • Mark pin point locations to save for instant access
  • Included with multi map style views like Aerial, Road, Terrain, etc.
  • Explore the 29 categories like restaurants, hospitals and many more in your locality
  • Navigate the route and save it on your device
  • Easy save and share routes on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
  • Accurate distance and time measure for walk, drive or public transport
  • Locations and time update on the go to provide real time updates
  • View routes to show your saved history locations of routes and locations
  • Street view to discover all your local streets to navigate smoothly

Get instant access to more than hundreds of restaurants and subways from the maps of multiple cities and towns around the world. Locate yourself and never get lost on the roads while travelling anywhere with accurate directions using the GPS locator in your pocket.

Pin point navigation under your fingertips to search anyplace like bars, café, colleges, ATMs and many more with real time updates.

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Duplicate FIle Remover

Remove all identical files from your system with the complete media editor tool to separate your media files individually and delete their copies from your storage. Reduce the uneven space acquired by duplicate saved media easily.846-468Instant media remover for your Windows 10 device to delete multiple copies of a singular file flexibly and simply.


  • Live status viewer of the file processing
  • Group view of the media files stored on the device
  • Easily navigate multiple pictures and music files on your device
  • Find individual files with multiple copies for deletion including the original file
  • File editor & modifier with simple editing tools and file browser
  • Custom or complete scan options of the file system to sort files easily
  • Quick file scan for multiple file operations
  • Skip any file while scanning and jump to another file
  • Custom folder selects from your storage device
  • Custom sort with pictures, videos, music and documents files on your device
  • Multiple file type support like Mp3, PDF, Docx, Mp4 and many more extensions
  • Support Universal Windows Platform for flexibility and responsiveness

It includes editing tools for modifying, custom selection and delete, many others to explore. Combination of nice design and friendly user interface. App also includes alternative tunings options such as open file and even custom delete features.

Avoid any replication of your personal data or files with the productivity tool on your windows device to edit music, documents, videos or pictures smoothly.

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Music Movie Maker

Record videos, apply filters and add background music and share best moments of your life through beautiful videos. It is a light feature app for your windows device to explore your creativity with easy-to-use movie editor which collects your photos and transforms them into magnificent videos with completely preloaded online music for selection.846-468Impressive set of video editing tools that helps you personalize your videos and add unlimited photos to make your videos more stunning.


  • Three-layer design – Music Video, Photo Video and Video
  • Requires internet connection to access pre-installed music genres
  • Record your video instantly and make them more magical
  • Easy storage of media on windows device
  • Custom music tracks to select your device storage
  • Live Filters and effects to apply on your videos
  • Create magical photo videos with background music
  • New video history tab to find all your videos at one place
  • Customize slide duration of every particular slide
  • Save and share on social media like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
  • Switch background music clips anytime with the custom soundtracks

Includes excellent features like ability to select the custom soundtrack and set particular slide duration. Easy and quick way to create your own video story and share them with family and friends online.

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Rio Flag Profile Photo

Make your own beautiful flag profile picture with the simplistic designs and overlays with the advanced picture editor and express the true love for your country.


Turn your photos into patriotic picture by splashing magical colors of your favorite flag in it and share them with friends and family on Facebook, Instagram and more.


  • Simple gestures to adjust your images with flag patterns
  • Effects designs to make images more exciting
  • Select from multiple stickers with customize opacity levels of each one
  • Multiline text support for easily writing on your pictures
  • Flexible controls and easy to use features
  • Collection of various country flags to update your profile picture
  • Save and share directly on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
  • Calibrate with opacity levels using the slider
  • New smart crop feature for free selection cropping and adder
  • Smart Photo cut can also trim and fine tune your images
  • Design your own patriotic styles
  • Country search bar for easy searching of your country from the list

Universal Windows Platform support for stability and stunning performance on your windows device. It’s always good to be productive with your images to create different styles in your pictures to look smart and elegant.

Auto enhancements and manual adjustments tools to let you adjust the effects, stickers, flags and many more. It is also equipped with stickers, filters, and smart cut tools such as crop, adder and opacity levels.

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