Month: June 2016

Insta Square Size Pic Collage

Simplistic collage maker and editor app for you windows device which specializes in quick fixes and edits made to the face and pictures including backgrounds, textures, blur adjustments, highlights, cropping tools and of course, plenty of filters to add some creativeness. It’s quite easy to use and has an incredible design for work.846-468


  • Adjust orientation of your images
  • Multi-background options to choose your images
  • Free selection crop of your image
  • Adjust your blur level of your image easily
  • Multi-Text feature to express your emotions better
  • Pack of funny stickers and cool text designs
  • Choose from various effects and frames to add on your image
  • Calibrate with Highlights, Sharpness, Brightness, Saturation and Contrast controls
  • Add multi-textures and backgrounds designs on image
  • New Triple collage variants – Fixed collage, Resizable collage and Free form collage
  • Easy switch between different layouts anytime while editing
  • Instant square blur your image with a single swipe
  • Save and share on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

Fast and easy way to organize your images into attractive shapes. It’s has a lot more than the actual editing tools and includes the ability to enhance photos with a single-tap for your feasibility. Equipped with some extra tools like crop, rotate, brightness, contrast, saturation, exposure, vignette, shadows, highlights, lights and textures to style your images.

Optimized for universal windows platform for delivering responsiveness and stability on your touch device.

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Add Music To Videos

Trim, record and attach musical clips with your personal videos instantly on your device to make impressive creations and prefect videos of your loved ones. Integrated with collaborative video editing options and wide range of tools for improving video quality.


Pick any track from your device gallery and make sensational video clips which are more desirable to watch.


  • New looping feature for pre-installed music clips
  • Choose from pre-installed clips for your videos to attach
  • Custom music track support for the video edit
  • Instantly record your voice and attach to your clip
  • Easy share on social media like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
  • Save videos directly to your windows device
  • Add music in background to complete your video story
  • Stable and light application
  • Custom location storage of your videos clips for feasibility

Featured video editing tool which enables you to easily record and transform clips with unique features. Supports universal windows platform with user friendly interface and flexible controls for making stunning videos of your family and friends within few seconds

Rejoice with your refreshing memories by singing along with the app on your windows phones and tablets anytime.

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Quick Uploader – Safe Upload Photos from Camera Roll

Express your creativity by making a picture which tells the whole story through words with professional photo editing tools. Elegant interface and graceful design makes it even more simplified for work.Create text snaps and explore the easiest way to turn your photos into a masterpiece. Write anything on your pictures and add funny stickers to make your images more fascinating.846-468Features:

  • Customize text, color, size, fonts and transparency to make outstanding images
  • Supports UWP platform for stability and responsiveness
  • Multiline text support for easily writing on your pictures
  • Magical filters to take memorable photos for lifetime
  • Save & share your photos directly on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter
  • Calibrate with brightness, saturation and contrast controls
  • Blur level adjustments with a single tap
  • Exciting stickers and emoticons
  • Flexible controls and easy to use features
  • Transform your pictures with a variety of filters
  • Featured live cam for capturing real time images
  • Crop your images in aspect ratios easily

This app offers an easy way to make your own trendy picture. All you need to do is add your picture from the gallery, select your desired effect and add text and the rest app will do it for you.

App is also equipped with a variety of transition effects as well as visual and exposure effects and many more to discover

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Video Maker – VideoShow

Explore the next level of video editing with magical video transitions and amazing slideshow effects to make your imaginations come alive and create memorable piece of art with a single flick. Add cute stickers, images and themes to beautify your videos simply.


Edit unlimited videos including multiple compositions and share them on social media like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp easily. Tell your complete story at a single time and arrange your clips easily.


  • Customizable 8 video themes with custom text color and font size
  • Add pre-installed music clips for easy attachments
  • Multi music support with custom time durations on your video clip
  • Collection of stickers with custom time duration and size for each sticker
  • New advanced multi text support with custom time interval for each text
  • Apply video filters like sepia, mirror, negative and choose from 15+ filters for your videos
  • Split, Trim and Copy video clips together into multiple parts and you can also merge another video in it
  • Organize and view your pictures in a creative way with the slideshow movie maker
  • Set custom effects on the trimmed parts of the clip
  • Switch transitions effects between merged videos anytime to make it more dynamic and smooth
  • Orientation adjustments with watery transitions

Optimized with universal windows platform support and elegant UI including dynamic and professional video editing tool which makes it a perfect app for you. Great tool which is also equipped with a variety of transition effects as well as split, trim and merge features and many more to discover.

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Movie Maker – Free Video Editor

Movie Creator : Free Video Editor :


This is one of the best video editor and slideshow maker app in the store. Easily create video story and share with your friends and family.

Transform everyday moments into works of art as you want. Easy to use professional editing tools. .MOV and .MP4 support now added.

Multiple video themes which are customizable, so that user can change the text color size and font of that theme.

Various stickers for given duration can be applied now! In videos every single sticker can be given time instance for its appearance.

You can also provide the time instance for text and music as well.

Stunning trimming and merging feature available. User can trim multiple parts from video and can also select another video and merge.

Apply stunning video filters like Sepia, Mirror, Negative and more.

You can add music as well, you can instead add multi music at custom video timeline.

You can use trim, split, copy for further advance separation of videos which user had earlier trimmed them.

You can apply different effect to every trimmed part at any time.

Various transition effects between merged videos like rotation, tile, smooth water transition and more. It can be switched at any time.

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This is one of the best video editor and slideshow maker app in the store. Easily create video story and share with your friends and family.

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Organize, edit and share your clips on Instagram with blur background.
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Video Blender and Photo Blender Mixer

Twist your videos with a magical blend and make stunning creations using simple gestures to crop, rotate and resize. Expands the borders of your imagination and add funny text or sticker to make your videos more personalized.846-468

This app provides tons of options for photo and video manipulations with a wide variety of effects, drawing tools, exposure controls, opacity, image enhancement and many more to discover.

Key features:

  • Add custom video on foreground and background simply
  • New trim option for multiple foreground videos with custom time duration
  • Collection of different geometric shapes to blend your lovely videos and photos
  • Write on your video using the unique pen tool
  • Use the eraser to clean up your video simply
  • Integrated with dynamic video rendering and enhancements
  • Save HD photos and videos directly on your device
  • Easy share on social media like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
  • Apply variety of different effects options for you
  • Refresh your current video selection with the start new button
  • Calibrate color adjustments for easy brightness, contrast and saturation controls
  • Adjust opacity levels of the blend smoothly using the slider

Easily join two photos or videos into a single composition. For more fantasy effects, you can change the blend levels of the blended pictures and video clips. Made for universal widows platform to provide excellent level of stability and responsiveness.

Directly share your creativity with your family and friends on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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Checkout the link for more help and tutorial,